Introduction to Christian Business Ethics

“Approximately twenty five years ago these notes and “go-by” forms were presented in various assemblies known to us across the United States by Jim Stogsdill and Robert Grove. There was no charge or contribution requested for the presentation or the supporting material. In September of 2010, Jim Stogsdill went home to be with his Lord and Savior and begin enjoying the spiritual investments he had made in heaven. He is loved and missed by his physical family, and those of his spiritual family who had the pleasure of knowing him. Jim was a friend and brother who helped many with their financial matters. He is missed!

I know that Jim would be delighted to know that some of his efforts can still be shared with young and old alike even though he is not here to make the presentation. It is interesting how relevant and appropriate many of his suggestions and recommendations are for the financially troubled times we have experienced in the last few years. However, like any good advice or recommendations, unless you follow through and do what is suggested, it will do you no good.

Robert A. Grove

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